• Fri 23:00

Sweatbox ? Beauts Like You ? DJ Karen *cheaplist*

23 Eustace St (The Hub)


? SWEATBOX presents DJ Karen ?

? Want *cheaplist*? Get in for a fiver before midnight. Just comment 'I'm A Beaut' on our event wall before 6pm on Friday and you're on the list.

? Sweatbox is at The Hub
Eustace Street
Templebar (opposite the IFI)

? Doors 11pm
Door Tax: €7 b4 midnight / €9 after

? QUEER SPACE: We want to provide a fun and hot queer space. SweatBox is male focussed, with dark areas. It's about meeting people, dancing - and getting your hole (disclaimer - not everyone will get their hole). It's the anti-Grindr. Put the phone away!

? MUSIC: It's all about the music. We're into celebrating and encouraging local DJs, and feeding into an ecology of local talent with a smart peppering of international guests.