Terms and Conditions

The finer details!

1. Introduction

Gaybrhood is a “Website” owned by Fruit Design Ltd in the Republic of Ireland. The Terms and Conditions set forth are binding on all users of this Website (Gaybrhood.com). You accept these Terms and conditions by accessing, registering or using the Website. This agreement replaces and cancels all other agreements even the ones that where not cancelled or altered. These Terms and conditions can be altered at anytime, without prior notice, but users will receive an email when this occurs or there will be a warning on the Website. By registering you are undeniably accepting these Terms and Conditions in all its content. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions you should not register nor use services with Gaybrhood.com.

2. Eligibility to use Gaybrhood

Gaybrhood can not be used for commercial, business or any other purpose unrelated to our service and any attempt to communicate with any user for such purposes will result in irreversible account cancellation. With the purpose of maintaining high quality standards, we reserve the right to disable accounts of users without a valid subscription, that do not use the service for more than two months. However, before proceeding to the account elimination, an e-mail will be sent to the user asking if he wants to continue using the website or if we can disable the account. If the user doesn't answer in one week time we will proceed to the account elimination. Gaybrhood reserves the right to, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to deny access or to cancel a user account that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.

3. Personal Safety

All users are civilly and criminally responsible for their actions or activities on Gaybrhood. Gaybrhood reserves the right to immediately suspend a user's account that violates our Terms and Conditions or the Civil and Criminal Law, and all collected data can be presented as evidence. For your own safety do not share your personal information with other users, including full name, home or office address, credit card information. If you believe there is a security issue with your account please contact us using our contact form or write to info@gaybrhood.com.

4. Privacy

Any information that a user has access on another user may only be used by one with the expressed consent. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

5. Unique Profile and Trust

You agree to maintain a civic respect in all communications exchanged with other Gaybrhood users, and any offence, abuse or persecution will not be tolerated. Gaybrhood reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine what and when offence, abuse and persecution happen and to take the necessary actions, including to deny access or to cancel the user's account, without prior notice. By registering at Gaybrhood, and thereby agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree on creating one profile. You also agree on using Gaybrhood to search, relate and communicate with other people, which excludes using this Website to gather user's and usage information for scientific, professional or academic purposes without our prior consent.

6. Security

To protect our users information and identity we practice the best Internet Standards in Security. Nonetheless, it has been demonstrated that no security system can ever be 100% efficient. And therefor we can not guarantee that our user’s personal information can not became public under any circumstance. If you believe there is a security issue with your account please contact us using our contact form or write to info@gaybrhood.com.

7. Intellectual Property

All information, logos, graphics, photographs, images, videos, texts and animations featured on the Gaybrhood.com Website and Services are the intellectual property of Gaybrhood and it's partners. These content can not be reproduced or used without Gaybrhood's prior consent. All Gaybrhood users can access and read other user's profile and can publish content on their profile, including text, photos and images as long as they own the intellectual property of these contents. Gaybrhood owns the intellectual property of all content featured on Gaybrhood.com even those that are not mentioned in the text above. By logging in and publishing content on your profile on the Website you grant Gaybrhood a licence to use the intellectual property rights for that content for the purpose of promoting Gaybrhood.com and it's Services. All users can modify or erase any content proveded by them, including exclude their profile from the Website database, by writing us using our contact form or info@gaybrhood.com (email must be sent from your registered email account).

8. External Links

Any content published by Gaybrhood users can include links to other websites that can be or not related to our Website. Gaybrhood can not control nor is responsible for quality, precision or information represented on those websites. Gaybrhood Website can include links to other websites with information on products or services offered by third party entities or companies. Gaybrhood does not take responsibility over any products or services purchased through these refereed links, unless stated otherwise. Gaybrhood is not responsible for warranties on products or services purchased through external website links included on Gaybrhood Website. Gaybrhood is not responsible for any damaged that is the direct result of incorrect information supplied by external websites, nor by any defect product or service purchased through the refereed links.

9. Warranty and Law

Gaybrhood promises to strive to maintain the Website of Gaybrhood active and updated, but is not responsible if, at some point, the website is unavailable, even if the situation arises from an action carried out by Gaybrhood. When you register at Gaybrhood you accept that use of this website is governed by the laws of Republic Of Ireland and any dispute regarding this website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Republic Of Ireland.

10. Spam and Commercial Use

You are not allowed to send any commercial messages to Gaybrhood users, including mass mail messages. Gaybrhood reserves the right to, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to deny access or to cancel a user account that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions. Gaybrhood can not be used by organizations, associations, companies or any other group entity. It is illegal to gather, by any means, information on this Website including names, emails or any other information for spam or commercial use. Gaybrhood will take appropriate measures if any of these Terms and Conditions are violated, including moving a civil or criminal lawsuit to protect its interests.