About Gaybrhood

Gaybrhood is a gay city guide with a difference. We automagically crowdsource the best bits from cities around the world so you can find where everyone's at, at any time, even if you aren't a local.

Explore like a local...

All of our gay city guides are crowd-sourced from our users. When someone joins the site we look at all the places they like and public events they are attending on Facebook (with permission of course!). We then mix them all up, showing only the places and events most popular amongst the people living in that city. This means you'll constantly find new places to go and things to do.

... and find the things you want, when you want them.

Looking for a good coffee nearby, want to grab a snack this afternoon or go do some flirting tonight? Gaybrhood can help you! You can search for things going on in cities (or Gaybrhoods as we call them) all over the world. Whether you are there already or are planning a trip we have everything you need.

Get you where you want to be, with no surprises...

All of our listings include a map and directions - we don't want you getting lost or wandering around. We include loads of information about each place or event - such as price ranges, payment options, parking details & restaurant specialities to help you decide where to go.

... and it's bang up to date as well

New places and events get added to the site on a daily basis. So, if that new restaurant or bar is trending amongst our members, it goes up on the site automatically. All of our information is synchronised with social media keeping it as up to date as possible. On top of that, if ever you've been fed up of turning up to a place listed on a website or magazine, and it's gone we try to minimise the risk by automatically checking their social media.

Find the things your friends like...

Chances are, if your friends like a place or are going to an event you'll probably be interested in checking it out too. You can see really easily which places are liked by your friends or events that they are attending. You can see the various Gaybrhood's they have visited around the world and the latest things they've liked.

...or plan your weekend or trip

Create your own guides to each city by adding things you like to your own Gay List. You can browse your friends Gay Lists too.

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